73 Scintillating Road Signs in Ladakh that you cannot miss – A Keepsake

Ladakh is a soul-stirring experience is what I have already said. Read about why should one visit Ladakh at least once in your lifetime here.

While driving on Ladakh roads, it is hard to find someone who has not noticed the captivating road signs that B.R.O (Border Roads Organisation) has put up. Reading the roadsigns along these remarkably scenic road is in truth an emotional journey. The bright yellow road signs written in clean black letters make your journey worthwhile. There are numerous signs along all highways in Ladakh. I have selected a few ( 73 phew ! ) of my favourite, at which I would like to look back again and again to relive my Ladakh experience.

Reading those signs is like travelling through phases of your own life and realising that LIFE means so much more. This is more of a photo blog that will take you to the magical trip of the witty, sensible, logical and poetic Road Signs in Ladakh!

73 Scintillating Roadsigns that you cannot miss seeing in Ladakh.

Signs number 5, 40, 64 and 68 are my personal favourite and seeing No 11 at one of the highest passes in India touched me the most. Read along and do comment which ones are your choice ? The list is long, I am aware; but this is a keepsake and a charger to your enthusiasm at any moment. I narrowed it down to 73 and just couldn’t do better.  So Pin it or Read it. Im sure you won’t regret reaching to the bottom of this one !

1. Life is Limited Company with Unlimited Dreams

2. Always Alert Avoid Accident

3. जो बचाए अपना अंग, सारी दुनिया उसके संग ! (Whoever takes care of himself has the world with him)

4. Accident Hurts, Safety Doesn’t

5. Drive, Don’t Fly

6. Safety is the Light, Let it Shine

7. Life is a journey, Complete It

8. Safety on Road, ‘Safe Tea’ at Home. Drive Slow.

9. Check your nerves on my Curves

10. This is Highway not a Runway. Drive Slow

11. Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is ONE

12. Speed is a Knife,That Cuts Life

13. Drive Slow to avoid Grave Below

14. Better Late than Never

15. सुंदर धरती सुंदर माटी कूड़ा कचरा इसमे दाग लगाती ( The earth is beautiful, the soil is beautiful, garbage puts stain on the beauty)

16. Drink and Drive, you won’t survive.

17. Alert Today Alive Tomorrow

18. More you Speed, more you Skid

19. Safety Begins with ME

20. BRO works today for your better tomorrow.

21. Help us to keep the roads clean and green.

22. Fast won’t Last

23.East or West, Safe Driving is the Best

24. कम बोलो धीरे बोलो मीठा बोलो (Talk less, talk soft, talk sweet)

25. Concern for others is Rule of Road.

26. Driving Risky after Whiskey

27. Think and Drive, Stay Alive.

28. You are not being chased

29. Speed and Safety Never Meets

30. Driving Faster can cause Disaster

31. Enjoy the beauty of nature.

32. जीवन का महत्व वो ही जाने सुरक्षा के नियम जो कोई माने  (One who obeys safety rules understands the meaning of life)

33. No hurry no worry

34. No need for overspeed

35. Ladakh ki Shaan HIMANK

36. Good driver is seldom hurt

37. Safe Driving is Stress-free driving

38. Don’t be Gama in the Land of Lama

39. Anytime is Safety Time

40. Way of Worship may be different but God is one

41. Everyday is Earth Day

42. Wishing won’t keep you Safe, Safety Will

43. You are not in Rally Enjoy the Valley

44. Start Early, Drive Slowly, Reach Safely

45. Be Soft on my Curves

46. हमें अपने जवानों पर गर्व है (We are proud of our soldiers)

47. Caution and Care, make Accident Rare

48. Be Alert ! Accidents Hurt

49. Think Before you Pollute

50. Three Enemies of Road Liquor, Speed and Overload

51. We care for you Drive Slow.

52. Time is Money but Life is Precious

53. Think Clean

54. Border Roads Made a Way for your Bright Future

55. सुंदर देह में कालिख जैसे दाग लगाता कूड़ा कचरा धरती मा का शृंगार मिटाता  ( Garbage thrown puts stains on mother Earth’s adornment)

56. Army and Ladakh, Together let us march ahead.

57. Speed Thrills but Often Kills

58. BRO men cut the hills, but join hearts

59. Safety First Speed Next

60. Mountains are pleasure if you drive with leisure


61. Be Clean Go green

62. Live for your today, Drive for your tomorrow

63. Road is a Public Property, Save it

64. “Tomorrow” – your reward for working safely Today

65. Great Responsive Engineering Fraternity

66.  Incomparable Border Roads

67. You may be American or African but you are human being

68. Drive like Hell and you will be there

69. Chance Takers are Accident Makers

70. Safety First is Safety Always

71. Know Safety No Injury, No Safety Know Injury

72. Faster Spells Disaster

73. Never Give Up !

The photographs are taken from a fast moving SUV and I’m surprised that most of them have turned out to be pretty well. Each road sign is gifted with a scenic background which highlights its beauty. I am in awe with the apt usage of words and the subtlety of the road signs. Despite the difficult terrain, BRO has put up super smooth roads and the driving sense of locals is worth an applause. The respect given to the driver of another vehicle on the same road is worth learning from Ladakhi Locals. Tourists are spoiling the peace of the Ladakh roads by not following the road-safety rules. Sometimes I really wonder when will there be more sensitivity around people. Read more about it here 

Road-signs in Ladakh is an experience and surely not to be missed. I wish these can be put up in busy cities and metros too which will make at least 1% impact on the senseless and rash drivers. Environment awareness is another topic brilliantly handled by BRO and is indeed a legacy to be carried forward all around our country. Ours is a beautiful country. I wish everyone gets the strength to take care of it.

Kashmir to Kanyakumari, INDIA is ONE ! Indeed !

(P.S. Please do not use any photos without permission)


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