5 cafés in Pune to miss at your own risk

Travellers who are not foodies? Hard to find I suppose! We visited and re-visited these outstanding cafés/ restaurants/ bistros in Pune and felt the need to share the joy. These top our list in 2017. When you are a foodie and you are in Pune, miss these places at your own risk.

1. Dravidas Bistro : This lovely little place on DP Road in Pune is a treat if you love South Indian Food. When we were travelling in South Africa, while chatting to some locals, we were surprised than the only Indian food they knew was Curries and Nan. When asked what was south Indian food, I realised that it could’t be explained but had to be experienced. Dravidas serves authentic organic south Indian Food. The place is not too fancy but has a cozy and unique feel. Go there with full appetite!


2. Mineority by Saby : This theme restaurant wins the charm with its ambience first and then the food. The theme is linked to the Mines and mine workers and is beautifully portrayed in each of the restaurant’s elements. Right from cutlery, chairs to the paintings, you will spend almost half an hour looking at all the design elements it has to offer. The food is even better with the fusion concepts. Overall a winner in all!


3. Chai : We stumbled upon this petite café by chance and since then have been visiting often. With the limited space, The Chai lures with its adorable decor. Wide variety of tea, with a bunch of snack dishes and a couple of board games to give you company is its strategy to success. The cute alphabet biscuits served with tea was my melting point.


4. Waari Book Café : In less than a couple of months that this has opened, Waari Book Café is already the top choice for youth in the area. Waari is ornamented with exclusive decor and has a huge collection of books. The best scene here is seeing young chaps keeping their devices aside and enjoying the company of books. I guess the ambience does that to you. With a lovely basic menu from types of tea, coffee, breakfast, snacks and desserts, Waari tops our list for the place to spend a soulful evening.


5. The Urban Foundry : In the newest developed vibrant area of Balewadi High Street is this sparking jewel. Themed on a casting metal factory, each aspect you encounter here is unique. Right from the spoons to the way your drinks are served. It is difficult to get in on weekends, so it is advised to go there on a weekday to enjoy the panorama of creativity in here.


This is not an exhaustive list, just a small list of our favourites. Pune is booming with gorgeous eating places. The best part is that, there is everything for everyone here! Would love to know about your favourites in the comments! Bon Appetit!

P.S. India is a magnificent country and we live on a beautiful planet. Please do not litter. Be a responsible traveller.


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